Powerful Peer Review

Create a custom online review widget. Invite reviewers and allocate submissions with 1-click. Reviewers grade and comment submissions online. Review in 1 or 2 stages.

Screenshot: Review Step.

Peer Review Overview

Custom Review Widget

Create an online custom reviewer widget with number and text scoring for your reviewers.

1 or 2 Stage Review

Review in 1 or 2 stages (e.g. abstracts followed by papers).

Invite and Manage Reviewers

Invite reviewers and monitor progress to keep the conference on track. Chairs can disable, close off and re-assign reviews.

1-click Allocation

Auto-match submissions to reviewers. Incorporates the required number of reviews per submission, nepotism, single or double blind review and more.

Report & Export

Search, filter and export the review data to excel for offline analysis.

Multiple Reviewer Roles

Track chair, review group chair, and reviewer roles allow a very flexible review process.

Screenshot: Review Widget.

Custom Review Widget

Screenshot: 1 Click Allocation.

1-click Allocation

Screenshot: Excel export.

Export to Excel

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