Your Online Conference Timetable

Create a web-based conference timetable to share with your participants. Integrated with the core system, eliminating data duplication.

Screenshot: Timetable.

Timetable Overview

Online Timetable Builder

Create an online timetable. Simply add your sessions, sort submissions by topic/tracks and drop them in.

Traffic Cop

Our conflict checker ensures presenters aren't scheduled to be in two places at once.

No Data Re-entry

Data is pulled across from the core system so there is no data re-entry.

Public or Private

Publish the timetable to the web and make it open to the public or restrict access.

Add Biographies

Collect presenter’s biographies. They are automatically added into the presentation slot.

Collect Presentation & Posters

Collect presentation and poster material and include these in the timetable.

1-click Presentation Downloader

Download all presentation files for easy transfer to conference computers.

PDF & Excel Overview

Download the top-level timetable in PDF or Excel to share in your delegate packs.

USB Version

Download the timetable with all the file attachments. Copy to USB/Flash Drive and add to your delegate packs.

Available for 2 years

The timetable will remain online for 2 years after your conference. No hosting or storage charges.

30 Min Setup
99.9% Uptime
Super Support
Secure HTTPS