Accept/Reject and Notify Authors

Sort the completed reviews by score. Drill down to each individual review and add chair comments. Accept or reject with a simple dropdown. Notify all authors with a few clicks.

Screenshot: Accept, Reject and Notify Authors.

Accept & Notify Overview

Reviews Overview

Sort and filter the completed reviews by summary score. Drill down to individual submissions to see reviewer scores and comments and add chair comments.

Accept or Reject

Filter the completed reviews by score. Mark submissions with an Accept or Reject tag individually or in bulk across a scoring range.

2nd Review Stage (optional)

Review the final submission in a 2nd review stage before final acceptance.

Collect Final Information

Allow final amendments, paper uploads and collect copyright disclaimers.


Accepted submitters can confirm attendance to help build your programme quicker.


Export the completed reviews to Excel for offline analysis.

Screenshot: Filter Results.

Filter Results

Screenshot: 1 Click Notification.

1-click Notification

Screenshot: Export to Excel.

Export to Excel

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